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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day you gorgeous gals of gaming.¬† May you get some awesome peripherals and time to take out that next boss battle.

As for me, we’re running around the house playing “zombies”. ūüôā

My take on Scarlet Blade (aka Crystal Tits)

I’ve never been offended by the way girls have been portrayed in video games. ¬†They’re no more demoralizing than TV, magazines, or Barbie. ¬†In fact, if most males in a game can be slightly scruffy hunks, then I don’t see the problem with making the chicks obvious sex bombs. They’re imaginary people, after all, and they just portray what’s popular.

So when I was asked to play Scarlet Blade, an obviously mature title with so much T and A offered as eye candy that I can see guys literally never making it past the character creating stage, I said yes.  And I realize, that was a good move on my part.

Scarlet Blade, which I have dubbed Crystal Tits, looks extremely superficial on the outside. ¬†You play the commander of a chick called an “Arkana”, which is some sort of man-made creation of perfection that kicks major butt. ¬†She barely wears any clothes, and they make mention of that constantly. ¬†The trailer¬†(NSFW)¬†for the game is so sexed up that you almost feel like you’re watching a “Girls Gone Wild” commercial minus the steel drums when it starts up. ¬†

Shameless marketing? ¬†Yes. ¬†And it works. ¬†Because Crystal Tits is actually a really good game. ¬†The storyline, while rocky at times, is more realistic than a lot of games I’ve played recently. ¬†And it draws you in by speaking to you directly, without actually breaking the fourth wall. ¬†It even laughs at its own character design, with quite a few NPCs making mention of the lack of clothing.

Meanwhile, the gameplay is pretty easy. ¬†If you’ve played World of Warcraft or any other MMO that was made after WoW, you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly. ¬†The fighting moves are pretty seamless, and actually feel like you’re in control.

While definitely not a feminists dream game, what with all the pervy comments and inclusion of lingerie, it is also empowering. ¬†Your Arkana kicks some major butt, all while wearing pumps. ¬†They look oversexed without actually being so. ¬†And, it’s nice to see a game be true to itself, and not mince words when describing itself.

Scarlet Blade is still in Open Beta over at Aeria Games. ¬†If you have some time to kill, it’s definitely worth checking out. ¬†Not the best game I’ve ever played, but it’ll be nice to play every so often when I’m trying not to starve…Image

The life sucking evil that is Candy Crush Saga

I’m a fan of casual games overall. ¬†I have a busy schedule, so it’s nice to have some games that I can pop in and play for a couple of minutes instead of devoting hours to. ¬†

But, let’s face it. ¬†Most casual games suck. ¬†And the ones that aren’t bad suck too: they suck the life out of you.

Center stage: Candy Crush Saga.  This heartless game throws you onto a Candy Land style board to play Bejeweled style levels and get through the game.  Not bad, and kind of addicting.  I was blasting away through the levels, waving to my less fortunate friends as I passed by them on the board, giving the middle finger to that crazy looking guy offering the little girl candy.  And then, it stopped.

Level 147 was created by Satan himself. ¬†It’s hard. ¬†Soul-crushing hard. ¬†I’ve been stuck on it for about a month. ¬†I haven’t quit the game, it quit on me.

WHY?! ¬†Y U SO FREAKING HARD?! ¬†WTF am I supposed to do on this board. ¬†Seriously? ¬†Bombs every five moves. ¬†Candy coated 5 times in gel. Holes where you can’t move candy at all. ¬†51/52 completed 32 times… ¬†-_-

You would think I would quit. ¬†It should be like, “Well, eff this game.” ¬†But, I can’t let the game win. ¬†If I quit, it will suck all tenacity and drive from me and laugh at my sadness. ¬†This Scumbag Steve of a game will hang in my doorway until I beat this level. ¬†

I must defeat this troll of a level before it defeats me… or I smash my tablet.

First blog

My name is Tara Foulkrod, and I write articles for Examiner.com as the Tucson Video Game Examiner. ¬†Online, though, I’m known as Myssiing (pronounced: missing). ¬†There’s a story behind this, but that’s for another time.

Writing for Examiner has been a great gig, and I will continue to maintain it. ¬†However, I’ve been looking for a platform to express more than just the third person point of view, so here I am.

I’ll be blogging about what I’m playing at the moment, rants on various video game related topics, links to other news articles, and whatever else comes to mind. ¬†If you like my blog, cool. ¬†Share it with your friends. ¬†If not, oh well. ¬†Go somewhere else. ¬†Because in this blog, I’m writing for me.

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