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League of Draven: Twist of Draven Cinematic

OK, so before you go watching this video, MAKE SURE you’ve seen the ORIGINAL LoL Cinematic (http://youtu.be/tEnsqpThaFg) first.

This is a parody, using the League of Draven.

Kind of funny. Just thought I’d share. ^.^



First World Girl Gamer Problems –> What to wear at E3?

So this post is going to sound really trivial, especially to the dudes.  But, I’m having this amazing problem deciding what to wear to E3.  

Generally, I wear flip flops, a t-shirt/tank top, and comfy jeans or shorts, aka gamer gear.  Looking at pictures of past E3s, I’ve decided that this is pretty much the clothes people wear there, as well.  However, I kinda feel like I should dress up a bit since I’m going as press.

I mean, even the press doesn’t dress up THAT much, but I almost feel like since I’m a girl gamer in a dude-dominated hobby, that I should look good to make a better professional impression.

Meh, maybe I’m making a mountain out of a molehill here.  What do you guys think?  Am I over-reacting, or is my thought process somewhat accurate?

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