Original ‘Fable’ gets an HD Remake for its anniversary

Gotta say, I’m kind of stoked about this.  As much as I love the Fable world, I’ve actually NEVER played the original, so it’s kind of cool that they’re making an HD remake for it.  

The teaser trailer (shown at the bottom of the article linked) doesn’t really tell us much, other than Lionhead has been flooded with tweets about a Fable remake, and that we have to hide chickens.  But I’m still stoked.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of remakes in general, though.  I know, I know, “They look so much better when they’re redone”.  Well, if it was a great game to begin with, that’s great and all, but I think it kills some of the nostalgia.

For instance.  Final Fantasy.  When I played FFIV on the DS for the first time, I was expecting the same old graphics.  Instead, I was greeted with chibi..boxy.. weird looking characters.  It killed the game for me, actually.  I only played for a few hours before I turned it off and never played it again.  Not that FFIV was a bad game, but the fact that they’d slightly changed some of my favorite characters irked me.  Same goes for FFVII.  

It just seems that when they make a remake of a game, it loses something from the original.  Like, when it came out, the graphics were the best that they could be, but you still loved the game anyway because of the story, etc.  But, when they change up the graphics, it messes up with your memory sensors in the back of your mind.  Your brain tells you it’s the same game, but a nagging sensation keeps poking you with a sharp pointy stick saying, “Nope.  This isn’t the same.  This is… different.”

But, with Fable, it seems like the upgraded graphics don’t change much in the way of how the game LOOKS, with the exception of making everything look brighter, sharper, and more realistic.  I’m just hoping that the new cut-scenes, emotions, and features don’t kill what people already love about the game.


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