Behind closed doors: Toxicity at Trendy Entertainment


My article has been updated with a statement from IGDA, sent to me after publication.


I wrote a new article about the article that Kotaku put up this morning regarding Trendy Entertainment.  I was livid as I read the article, not only at the shady business practices and corrosive upper management at the company, but the sheer audacity that this is taking place in an industry that produces fun.

As gamers, we’re under fire all the time, for a vast variety of circumstances.  It really irks me that something like this is going on, just making the industry look worse.

Of course developers work really hard, are stressed out, and worry about their game and it’s future.  That’s the nature of producing for the masses.  But it doesn’t have to be this way, and Trendy better take notes before they tank.  Who knows?  It may already be too late.

Click the link to see my article if you’re interested.


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