End of Day One – Article

I finished up my article on the XBox Media Event.

Here’s my personal opinion on the matter.

I love it.  All of it.  However, I don’t love having to pay 500 bucks for the XBox One, and I don’t love how “essential” Smartglass seems to be, and having to pay for that as well.

I was impressed with pretty much everything, actually.  I wasn’t let down by anything I saw (including the exclusion of Call of Duty).  I was, however, a little disappointed in what I didn’t hear.  No mention of privacy concerns.  This is a biggie in my book, and they didn’t even address it.  I’m sure they’re going to be hit with the question enough, as they already have been, but not even trying to smooth over the frustration of their customers seems somewhat off-putting.  But, that’s just me.

I also had the pleasure of going to the EA event, which I would like to have written about, but my camera died, and internet was crap, so I really didn’t get to take many notes. :/ However, I think overall EA did a better presentation, and had more fun with it.  They had celebrities, awesome lighting, good jokes, and just seemed to be enjoying themselves a little more.  Not like the mostly completely professional XBox presentation.

Day one is over, and E3 officially begins tomorrow.  With very little to actually be disappointed by, this is turning out to be a blast.  I can’t wait for tomorrow.


(Check out the link to my article to see a video of the MGS:V intro if you missed it, as well as highlight photographs from the event.)


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