Quest for a Free to Play: Marvel Heroes

Ok, so lately I’ve been attempting to play Marvel Heroes.  By attempting, I mean I’ve been logging in and playing for as long as I can before it freezes up and crashes.  Granted, this game is brand new, and my FrankenCompy is not, but I’ve heard from fellow players that this is a problem on their end as well.  Too many sprites on the screen, and the whole thing goes bonkers and passes out.

OTHER THAN THIS HUGE FLAW, I actually kind of like the game.  It’s very Diablo-esque in its game play, what with the three-quarter top down view and the clicking for movement.  However, and there’s quite a few of these, a lot of the UI design and crafting isn’t really to my liking.  Just popping in for the first time, it takes a minute to figure out how to add friends and whatnot.  

And crafting seems really clunky as well, not to mention slightly useless.  Sure, you can create some potions and stuff, but the buffs (at least in the starting levels) aren’t really worth the time and effort.

I’ve been playing as the Scarlet Witch, and she’s pretty awesome.  She can hurl cars, shoot out beams of energy, and even make enemies burn in a pool of psychic energy.  But, since moving and shooting lasers are mapped to the same button, it can be tricky at times.

Starting bosses can actually kill you pretty handily, especially if you’re not grouped.  The game has this thing, though, that automatically groups you with people in an instanced area if you’re not already in a group.  That helps out a lot, and simmers down the amount of random people asking to group up for one guy.  

There are also area quests, in which all players in an area partake in a particular quest given out.  That helps a lot, too, if you’re active in it.  However, there are already players who just stand on the sidelines and wait for everyone else to do the dirty work.

As a comic fan, I do like being able to play a game with some of my favorite characters.  And, since it’s a new game, I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt that they’re actually going to fix some of the bugs in the game.  

As much as I’d like to rate it higher, it is what it is, and that’s definitely average.  There are better F2P games, and there are worse.  If you’re a fan of the Marvel universe, definitely check it out.  You don’t have to pay any money for it, even though they hurl suggestions to do so at every loading screen (which there are a lot of).  Just grab a few friends and have fun with it, because as many issues as there are, it still can be a lot of fun.


3/5 – It’s a decent game with a lot of bugs.  Also a few issues with control mapping, crafting, and loading screens.  Tends to crash when there are too many sprites.  Go ahead and give it a go if you’re a Marvel fan, or just looking for a decent F2P.Image


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Myssiing is an avid gamer who wants to change the stereotype of gaming. Gamers are no longer just kids or basement dwelling adults. Her goal is to inform others about the goings-on in the gaming industry itself, as well as raise awareness to parents and the uninformed on topics of ratings, stereotypes, and social issues concerning gaming.

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