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Been playing too many games…

Sorry for the break, everyone.  I’ve been playing a variety of different games, and testing out a couple of peripherals (which I’ll have an article on in a day or so).

So, what has caught my attention?  I blame Steam and the heat here in Arizona, but here’s a list of what I’ve been playing, some info on each, and a quick rating:

Organ Trail– A remix of the classic Oregon Trail, you have to make your way across the US while fighting zombies, starvation, and a failing station wagon.  This was definitely worth the $3 that I paid for it, and really provides tons of entertainment with relatively high replay value.  5/5

Scribblenauts Unlimited– Unfortunately, limited.  While actually pretty fun to play, and educational for my kids, I beat this game in a matter of hours, and that wasn’t trying to go through it fast.  Still, using your imagination is fun. 4/5

Lego Batman 2– *sigh* I love the Lego games, and I really do like this game, but I’m really tired of it since it gets played so much in this household.  Some of the parts are actually pretty tricky, and can take a couple tries to get it right.  4/5

Knights and Dragons– Do not be fooled by the less than stellar title of this free app.  This game is addictive, and really fun.  Great way to pass 5-10 minutes of time. 5/5

Rift– I had abandoned this game long ago, but have since returned after its free to play status.  I have to say, I’m quite impressed with the changes they’ve made since my departure.  Though, it still drags in some areas, and it’s definitely more fun to play with other people than solo. 4/5

Marvel Heroes– I really want to like this game.  But it really just drags for me.  The graphics are alright, the game play is clunky.  I’m just kind of over it at this point. 3/5

Infinite Crisis– Another game I really would love to like, but can’t.  The first map is an obvious Dominion ripoff from League of Legends.  Although there are a couple of cool elements brought to the table (destructive environment), it feels somewhat like an empty shell with no substance.  It’s definitely missing something. 3/5

Pet Rescue Saga– From the makers of Candy Saga comes another puzzle game.  Tap to get two or more color blocks to disappear, and save the pets.  Functional, but actually kind of boring.  As much as I hate to say it, King’s other title is much better. 2/5

Alien Hive– Another app game, and also another puzzle game.  Match three in a row by sliding the blocks.  It’s just… alright.  Nothing special here, but also not a terrible game. 3/5

Disney Universe– This is a pretty chill title, actually.  Disney with a gauntlet feel, and puzzles to make your way through the levels and unlock new character costumes.  Not bad, but the multiplayer can get annoying if one of your teammates isn’t moving in the same direction (camera/movement freeze at the edges of the screen). 4/5

Castle Crashers– Ok, so I actually DIDN’T want to like this game, because my son won’t stop going on and on about it.  It’s really fun, though, and very quirky.  I like quirky.  Could do without some of the poop jokes, though. 4/5

DLC Quest 1/2- I broke down and bought this at the Steam sale since it was cheap.  It was fun to play for about 20 minutes, until I beat the first part of the game.  The second part was slightly longer (30-40 minutes), but what at first was snarky humor about DLC in games became monotonous and unfunny.  2/5


Alrighty, I think that about covers it.  As you can see, lots of games.  


If you have any suggestions for a game I should try, new or old, feel free to comment below and let me know.  I’m always looking for something new to review!  

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