Monthly Archives: October 2013

GTA Online and Terraria 1.2

Both games have dropped their expansions on the same day.  Awesome, right?

I admit, I have NOT gotten a copy of GTA V yet, so I haven’t played, nor will I play GTA Online in the near future.  But, if I were able to somehow manage getting a copy, I would be all over it.  (I’m a GTA fan).  Unfortunately, writing doesn’t exactly pay the bills atm, and neither does gaming, so I’ll have to wait for awhile.

Terraria, on the other hand, I’ve had for awhile.  I already liked it, and now with the new patch, it’s ri-freakin-diculous.  I started it up last night after the update dropped, and boy is it beautiful.  The graphics are great, the new items are sweet (ropes to climb up in the caverns?  YUS PLZ.), and lots more mobs to stomp.

Which is your choice for the day?  GTA or Terraria?

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