Screw Black Friday and Cyber Monday

I guess you could say I’m not much of a people person. I don’t mind get togethers or small affairs, but when you get too many people around me I’m totally uncomfortable. So that automatically rules out Black Friday for me.

Yesterday was Cyber Monday, which requires no people, but I didn’t participate because the deals weren’t too shocking for me… Save for one place.

Steam has some really good deals right now, and not just for one day. There are temporary flash sales, so check back to see what they’ve got.

I ended up picking up Skyrim and BioShock Infinite for the hubster. I bought Rollercoaster Tycoon, Rogue Legacy, and Godus.  I’ll be reviewing the two latter at the end of the week, but I can say I’ve enjoyed both so far.

Keep on the lookout for my reviews, and check out Steam if you haven’t already!


About Myssiing

Myssiing is an avid gamer who wants to change the stereotype of gaming. Gamers are no longer just kids or basement dwelling adults. Her goal is to inform others about the goings-on in the gaming industry itself, as well as raise awareness to parents and the uninformed on topics of ratings, stereotypes, and social issues concerning gaming.

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