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So, today was a fresh start..

Today I appeared on the Computer Guru Radio Show, which both the Computer Guru and I hope to be a regular thing.  I get to talk about gaming and computers, two things I’m passionate about.  It went well, especially considering it was the second time I’ve been on the radio at all, and the last time was almost a year ago.

I really enjoy being on the radio.  This is for several reasons, least of which is actually being able to say “I’m on air”.  One of the biggest is that I’ve always loved radio.  Like, LOVED it.  I remember sitting by my Garfield phone, waiting for the proper moment to call in and try to be caller number X.  I loved how raw it is.  How it’s live.  And how you get a connection that you don’t get with any other medium.  

I hope to continue this far into the future.  If you didn’t get a chance to check out the show (1030AM in Tucson, everywhere else) then you can check out the podcast from the Guru Show website later on to listen in.  I would love any feedback, criticism, or story ideas you come across.  Or, if you’d like to be part of the show, email, tweet, FB message, or otherwise get ahold of me off air ( for contact info).  On air, call into the show, and let your voice be heard!

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