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Trying out the Nyko Playpad

So, I checked out the Nyko Playpad that I received at E3 this year, and wrote up a review for AZ Computer Guru. I liked it alright, but I really don’t see the purpose of using it. It’s much easier to just use the touchscreen controls. So, click the link, and check out the review. ^.^




I quit… but years later, I still talk about ‘World of Warcraft’

World of Warcraft is known as the quintessential multiplayer online game… at least it was in its heydey. The folks at Blizzard knew how to make a stunning and thought provoking game, while encouraging teamwork and imagination. It was full of life, along with victories and letdowns came relationships with fellow players and an open world that you could literally spend hours just looking at. But somewhere along the line, it started to falter.

My friends and family like to say, “And on that day, the Lich King died, and World of Warcraft died with him.” There are arguments on whether it’s the fault of the developers for spending so much time on one IP for so long, or Activision and it’s money-mongering ways of trying to appeal to too many demographics (hardcore vs casual). Some place blame on Free-to-Play games saturating the market, while others still uphold the belief that World of Warcraft is the best game out there.

But whether you’re looking for someone to blame, or you think WoW is still alive and well, one thing is agreed upon by everyone I’ve talked to about it. Something changed with the dynamics of the game near the end of the ‘Wrath of the Lich King’ expansion.

WoW didn’t have the same feel anymore. Dungeons that had previously been a major challenge and accomplishment to beat were being nerfed into the ground. More and more “daily quests” were being added for people who didn’t have more than a few minutes to play. Stats were being blown to ludicrous numbers, and epic gear started to lose that “I have to have that” look.

I played up until right after ‘Mists of Pandaria’. At that point, the game just felt like a grind-fest to me, and I no longer enjoyed playing. Back in the days of Vanilla and Burning Crusade, I could play all by my lonesome and still have fun. Near the end of my WoW existence, I would really only log in to chat with my guild mates for a few, before calling it and getting on some other game.

So, where do I place the blame? Honestly, I place the blame on the gamers themselves. So much bitching and complaining about game mechanics, or that something was too hard. That they couldn’t find people to run instances with, or that there weren’t enough things to do in only ten minutes. Even gamers like me, who once enjoyed the game, but soon came to find that they were no longer having fun, but still paid the monthly fee for some reason or another.

You can only feasibly be a great game for one type of player at a time. “Candy Crush” wasn’t made for hardcore gamers that like to sit and waste 5 hours on a game, and they’re not going to change their gameplay to get those gamers to play. But WoW did change. They went from an epic storyline with well developed and nigh impossible end bosses to having pet battles and more quests that you can finish in five minutes than you can shake a stick at.

Blizzard did not keep WoW what it was. And that is the fault of the gamers.

Why do I even bring this up? Well, honestly it’s because I still have conversations about it. The fond memories that we had as guild-mates. The screw-ups, the small victories, the big wins, and the major losses. The many political dramas within the guild that resulted in /gkicks or “soandso has left the guild” messages. The times we couldn’t find our pants in our backpack in the middle of a boss fight, so we didn’t wear any. Fun excursions onto other servers to cause chaos on the other faction. The many holidays spent chasing after some crazy trinket good for one use. Funny or lewd things that would come out of some people’s mouths in the heat of battle. All of this stuff that happened and brought us closer together, not only as an online guild, but also people. And almost NONE of it happened after Cataclysm.

During talk of all these memories, I start to think, “What happened? What changed to make such a drastic difference?” And the answer is simple. We did.

End of the week E3 2014 Wrap Up



XBox promised that, “This year, it’s all about the games!” and they delivered…  so did everyone else. Last year was all about the console wars, which entertains the hardcore fanboys, but doesn’t do much more than irritate those who love all consoles, PCs, and mobile platforms, and focus on what the games themselves have to offer. This year was PHENOMENAL. Not only was my faith in developers creating good games restored, but I also felt something I hadn’t in a long time.

Excitement for the future. I felt like a kid again, and I was actually EXCITED about what’s to come. In no particular order, here are my top 5 games of E3 2014:


Battlefield Hardline

Sunset Overdrive

World of Warships

Borderlands: The Pre Sequel

However, there were SO MANY really good games to choose from at E3, and I think everyone who plays games will be happy. Mobile games like Heroes XIII, MMOs like Black Gold and Age of Wushu, battle games like Nosgoth, fun simulators like Sims 4, cute games like Harvest Moon, deep games like Destiny. The list goes on, and on, and on.

I’d like to share with you my Imgur albums (Camera pics, Phone Pics, Media Briefings) and also invite you to check out the guys at Senshudo TV and Nerd Junkies, to get more information on upcoming games. For some fantastic pictures of what happened at the show, you can go directly to the E3 2014 website.


E3 – Part 2



Today was media briefing day. I attended both XBox and EA’s media events. Yet again, both were very well done. (Here are some highlights.)

Last year, XBox gave us tags. This year, we received bracelets that lit up during the show. It was beautifully coordinated with what was on screen, as well as the music that was playing. After the hub-bub, we were awarded with Sunset Overdrive shirts. Awesome, right?

Well, EA did one better. The stadium seating that was at the Shrine last year was long gone, and in its place were plenty of tables adorned with boxes of donuts for everyone to have. Waitresses handed out soda to all the attendees, and it had more of a feel of a gathering rather than being crammed into an auditorium. (I was on Spike TV for like a second, at the 38:35 mark at this link.)

After all is said and done, the games that stand out in my mind are Sunset Overdrive, Dragonage: Inquisition, Evolve, Project Spark (with Conker!!!), Mirror’s Edge, and Sims 4. There were quite a few others that grabbed my attention, but I can’t remember all the names. (Currently, I have a migraine, but I took two Aleve, so we’re gtg.)

I also ran over to the convention center and picked up my badge for tomorrow.

First thing on my schedule is checking out Ownphones, which 3D prints customized ear buds. Then I’ll be hanging with 2K games for a couple of hours. Later in the evening, I’ll be attending Bethesda’s E3 party.

I also was able to acquire tickets to Video Games Live on Wednesday. So there’s that.

Stay tuned for more updates! ^.^

My trip to E3 2014 Part 1

So, we’re still a few days out from the actual start of E3, but I’m already getting ready for it. Today is the day to finish packing, doing laundry, getting my equipment together, sorting out my appointments for the last time, and getting my kids ready for a week without Mommy. My mom is also going with me, so she’s getting her stuff together, too. When I’m not at the expo, I’m lucky enough to have my family living nearby, so that I can visit with them.

I will be periodically updating this blog with different snippets of the Expo, as well as some funny stuff that my family says.

The overall plan is for me and Mike (The Guru from to hook up with the Nerd Junkies ( during the show, to bring you the most information that we can. I’ll be covering both the XBox and EA media events, as well as getting together with and 2K Games, and attending an afterparty put on by Bethesda.

Follow me on Twitter (@myssiing), as well as the Computer Guru Radio Show (@azcomputerguru) and the Nerd Junkies (@nerd_junkies) to stay completely up to date, as well as check in periodically on this blog and the Guru Show webpage.

If you’re attending, feel free to shout at me on Twitter, and maybe we can meet face to face!

Tomorrow, I’ll be driving the long stretch from Southeastern Arizona to Los Angeles. If anything interesting happens, you’ll see it on Twitter.

Happy E3! ^.^

~Cheers! ~

❤ Myssiing

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