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The top selling video games of each of the past 30 years (Photos)

Comprehensive list of top selling video games. Love it! How many of these have you played?


Information gathered from NPD Group[categories]

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An MMO based on Virtual Currency?

I am not a techno-phobe.  I’m probably closer to the polar opposite, seeing as how I love technology and all it can do for us.  However, I’m still shaky on the vision that is “Virtual Currency”.  And, with the issues we’ve been seeing recently (see Bitcoin bankruptcies), I’m not sure we’re ready for something like that.  Mostly because it’s not really grounded in any real value.  There’s nothing to back it up.  It’s only worth what somebody will pay for said currency, and even then it’s solely based upon an idea that there’s value.  

So, when I saw this link this morning ( and read it, I wasn’t actually all that thrilled.  I want to like this game.  I want to like the fact that anyone can sign on and hunt for money.  Could you imagine doing that in real life?  Walking around and going through garbage, digging holes, and looking under stones for a buck or a quarter?  That would be insanely awesome if that’s all you had to do.

The concept sounds so simple, and I think that’s what bugs me the most.  It’s too easy for anyone to “hunt” this virtual currency.  If it were truly that easy to make money, everyone would be doing it.  If everyone is rich, is there really value in anything?

And it’s still not backed up by anything tangible.  What if there’s a massive blackout on the servers, and everyone’s currency is reset?  Congratulations, everyone is broke now.

Maybe I’m just not grasping the concept correctly.  I want to try this out before I come to a complete decision on whether it’s a bad idea or not, but just the description of the game leaves me uneasy.  How do you keep track of virtual currencies over different markets and denominations of value, especially when there’s no actual asset related to it?  And, if everyone is just going out and hunting for money, is it really a good game to put out there for the masses?  Is it really even a game at all, or just a virtual representation of manual mining of bits?  

I think there are a lot of factors to be considered before this hits the mainstream.  What do you think?  Am I off the mark on this, or do you agree that we should be cautious?

So, today was a fresh start..

Today I appeared on the Computer Guru Radio Show, which both the Computer Guru and I hope to be a regular thing.  I get to talk about gaming and computers, two things I’m passionate about.  It went well, especially considering it was the second time I’ve been on the radio at all, and the last time was almost a year ago.

I really enjoy being on the radio.  This is for several reasons, least of which is actually being able to say “I’m on air”.  One of the biggest is that I’ve always loved radio.  Like, LOVED it.  I remember sitting by my Garfield phone, waiting for the proper moment to call in and try to be caller number X.  I loved how raw it is.  How it’s live.  And how you get a connection that you don’t get with any other medium.  

I hope to continue this far into the future.  If you didn’t get a chance to check out the show (1030AM in Tucson, everywhere else) then you can check out the podcast from the Guru Show website later on to listen in.  I would love any feedback, criticism, or story ideas you come across.  Or, if you’d like to be part of the show, email, tweet, FB message, or otherwise get ahold of me off air ( for contact info).  On air, call into the show, and let your voice be heard!

My new love of rogue platformers is showing…

These three rogue platforming games stood out in 2013.  I’m hoping that there are a lot more games like these in the near future.

‘Twas the Match before Christmas…



‘Twas the match before Christmas, and all through the house all the gamers were clicking away with a mouse.  The League battles raged on with each stroke of a key, in hopes that the gamers would see victory.

The Skype chat was blaring with talk of the team, while one person rage quit to let off some steam.  Not a moment too soon he returned to the call, and the team fast decided “all for one and one for all”.

No more of this quibbling and arguing with friends, you can let out your grievances once this game ends. They quickly grouped up to see what was the matter, and decided the enemy’s glass canon needed to shatter.

One enemy down, but with their sustain, their Support needed to be cut down from the lane. They saw their opening, and hit the nail on the head, quickly getting their AD Carry fed.

Two enemies down, but the team’s Tank was low, and soon he would be the next one to go.  Even without their wall they would still be ahead, but without the beef their whole team would be dead.

A team fight broke out, and though the enemy tried, it was five versus three, and the enemy died.  They sprung to the enemy Nexus with care, knowing the whole team would soon respawn there.

And in the fountain the respawns began, as the enemy shouted, “I hope you get banned!” “GG!” yelled another, as they /surrendered at last.  With the enemy Nexus finally broken, a brilliant double blast.

In better spirits the friends thanked and congratulated, with a victory they felt overjoyed and elated.  Honor was passed out after the fight, wishing each, “Merry Christmas, and to all a good night”.

I may just have to quit this reviewing thing

Video games are my passion, and have been for a long time. I’ve tried the last four years to break into reviewing and writing up news. Although I love it, it may have to sit on the back burner, or I may have to give it up altogether.  Here’s why:

1. Starting out as a freelancer pays next to nothing.
As I said, I enjoy writing, so this really hasn’t been an issue.  I’d occasionally get swag and a few hundred views on an article, and I was happy. Unfortunately, this isn’t really enough.  I need better viewership, which leads to point two.

2.  Social media as a way of marketing yourself takes a lot of time.
I’m not one to tweet my every meal, or post comments on everything I see.  But it’s hard to find original posts to write when it seems like everyone is way ahead of me.

3.  My networking circle sucks.
I know part of it is that I live in BFE Arizona. I don’t make it to many events and I don’t get to meet with a lot of people in the industry. All of this costs money, and I don’t have that kind of money to spend on my own.  So I don’t get the free games to try out and review. Save for one or two titles, I’ve bought everything on my own, which is starting to add up.

4.  The market is saturated.
Everywhere you look there are people reviewing games. You need to find a niche to make yourself original and stand out if you want to make it. I haven’t found mine, and I’m starting to think I don’t really have one.

5. Games and consoles are expensive.
As if I wasn’t already behind, the next gen of consoles are out already. I’m equipped with an Xbox 360, a broken Wii, and a PC. This does not make for a good reviewer. And I don’t foresee myself buying any of the next gen stuff for at least a couple of years.

I’m not generally a quitter, but I’m starting to lose faith here. Anyway, thanks for reading.

‘Rogue Legacy’ Review

'Rogue Legacy' Review

Cool little platformer that sometimes makes my head hurt.

Click the pic for review.

Screw Black Friday and Cyber Monday

I guess you could say I’m not much of a people person. I don’t mind get togethers or small affairs, but when you get too many people around me I’m totally uncomfortable. So that automatically rules out Black Friday for me.

Yesterday was Cyber Monday, which requires no people, but I didn’t participate because the deals weren’t too shocking for me… Save for one place.

Steam has some really good deals right now, and not just for one day. There are temporary flash sales, so check back to see what they’ve got.

I ended up picking up Skyrim and BioShock Infinite for the hubster. I bought Rollercoaster Tycoon, Rogue Legacy, and Godus.  I’ll be reviewing the two latter at the end of the week, but I can say I’ve enjoyed both so far.

Keep on the lookout for my reviews, and check out Steam if you haven’t already!

What I’m Thankful for may shock you…

I haven’t written a blog post in awhile (sorry about that), but I felt that I should today.  I was sitting awake in bed last night thinking, and I realized something.  I’m about to tell you what I’m most thankful for, and the answer may shock you.


I am most thankful for video games.

Now, before you’re all, “Oh, how shallow,” or, “That’s stupid,” let me explain.

I was given my first console when I was at the tender age of four.  I don’t remember asking for it, or really even knowing what the NES was prior to that Christmas, but my mom being somewhat of an early gamer herself bought it under the guise that it was for me.  I had played Intellivision games before, but never in my life had I had an experience like what I had on Christmas.  A whole new world was opened up to me via Duckhunt and Mario Bros. that I hadn’t ever imagined existed.  Shortly after, my first true love was found in The Legend of Zelda.  Time passed, and I continued playing.  Golgo 13, Ninja Gaiden, Renegade, The Adventures of Link, Mario Bros 2 and 3, etc.  I played with my younger brother, who was 1 when I first got the NES.  He actually started beating the games before I did, and even learned to read after I got tired of reading all the text to him.  (He was almost 3.)

Fast forward to elementary school.  Still a gamer, and at this point I have the SNES.  Of course I’m teased about it because I’m a girl, but I don’t let it bother me because I know that those people are missing out.  After bringing the map that was included with our Illusion of Gaia game to school, and presenting an oral report on ancient ruins with it, I realized that games were educational as well.  Oregon Trail was in my fifth grade class, and it was the first computer game that I was exposed to.  This game was a blast to play with people gathered around, and helped me break down barriers put up by my social awkwardness.

The first console that I got that was just for me was the Sega Genesis.  I remember playing on that in my room, and loving every minute of it.  Though it was actually a couple of years that I did anything other than jump around in the water in Ecco the Dolphin, other games like BioHazard Battle took up my time as I played with my brother and any friends that came over.

N64 brought us 007 Goldeneye.  I remember ten or more kids in our den at the time, all gathered around as we took turns in multiplayer, cheering on people who were currently on the controllers.

Later on, I ended up purchasing Conker’s Bad Fur Day on my own.  Barely 17 at the time, it was then that I realized that games were more than just toys for kids.  They were entertainment devices meant for the masses, just like interactive movies.  That game single-handedly changed my outlook on the industry as a whole.

Skip to a few years later, and I’m in the Air Force in tech school.  I have an XBOX with me, and I hook it up to the common room television to play with everyone.  It was in tech school that I met my future husband.  He introduced me to Ultima Online.  Although I hated it, it was my first foray into an MMO experience.  Prior to that, my only PC experiences included Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, a few random RPGs, and the aforementioned Oregon Trail.

After hubster and I got married, we started up World of Warcraft.  We played that for years, and made many friends that we still talk to today, even though we’ve dumped the game in favor of other titles like League of Legends.  My brother is really good friends with my hubby, and we all three play together as much as possible.

Now that I have children, I keep a keener eye out on ratings and content, but I let them play video games as well.  My oldest is four and my youngest is 3.  We make it a family experience when we play, and we always have a blast.

In the long run, yes I’m thankful for my family and friends and what I have.  I’m pretty sure that most decent people are thankful for that as well.  But for me, video games have been the glue.  It’s a way that I’ve made and kept friends, how I bond with my brother and husband, and how I play with my kids.  They’ve helped transport me to another world when I didn’t care too much for this one, and gave me someone to play with when I’d moved and hadn’t met anyone yet.  They’ve been an ice breaker in conversation, a topic in daydreams, and wishes for Christmas.  They’re the reason I write and critique, the reason that sometimes I just stop and think about philosophical or moral issues, and the way that I de-stress after a long day.

So this Thanksgiving I would like to thank all those who’ve made it possible.  Developers, artists, writers, programmers, sound engineers, composers.  All of you have provided tons of material for everyone to take in and enjoy.  Thank you.

GTA Online and Terraria 1.2

Both games have dropped their expansions on the same day.  Awesome, right?

I admit, I have NOT gotten a copy of GTA V yet, so I haven’t played, nor will I play GTA Online in the near future.  But, if I were able to somehow manage getting a copy, I would be all over it.  (I’m a GTA fan).  Unfortunately, writing doesn’t exactly pay the bills atm, and neither does gaming, so I’ll have to wait for awhile.

Terraria, on the other hand, I’ve had for awhile.  I already liked it, and now with the new patch, it’s ri-freakin-diculous.  I started it up last night after the update dropped, and boy is it beautiful.  The graphics are great, the new items are sweet (ropes to climb up in the caverns?  YUS PLZ.), and lots more mobs to stomp.

Which is your choice for the day?  GTA or Terraria?

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