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Oversexualization in Entertainment – Are we doing it to ourselves?

Everyone who is a gamer is familiar with the “misrepresentation of women” conversations that have been going on for years. In the last couple of days, I’ve found a few different articles that have somewhat irked me with the way the conversation is presented. And, honestly, I don’t think complaining about it really does any good in the long run. Let me explain.

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The E3 Experience – Media vs Attendee

(Note: This is a rundown of my ENTIRE three day experience, but contains no spoilers, interviews, or news of any sort. If you’re looking for something like that, head on over to Senshudo TV.)

This year I was able to go to E3 for the third year. Once again, it was a great experience, however it was different than the other two years I attended. This year, I didn’t have a media badge. As freeing as it was not to have a schedule to attend to, there were some downsides.

As media, there is a schedule. There are interviews to go to, people to meet, and specific games you almost HAVE to cover because of their popularity, whether you want to or not. As an attendee, you’re free to move about as you please, going to whichever booths tickle your fancy. On the other hand, as media you get behind the scenes, and you don’t have to wait in as long of lines as attendees. Ultimately, I enjoyed being media over an attendee, even if you have to sacrifice some of your freedom of choice, it’s worth being able to talk with some amazing people. And, let’s be honest here, it’s cool to play the games early, but is it really worth waiting in line for 2 hours so you can get 5 minutes of gameplay? Especially if you have nothing to report afterwards. The whole point of E3 is to announce new IP, returning and revamped IP, and have news go out to the masses. You can’t really do that and have relevant information as an attendee.

Nevertheless, E3 is an incredible experience no matter what kind of pass you have. Just being in the convention center is a special time, where you can be with people who share the passion of gaming with you. So, without further ado, let’s go over some of the awesomeness that is E3 that I was able to experience as an attendee.

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My trip to E3 2014 Part 1

So, we’re still a few days out from the actual start of E3, but I’m already getting ready for it. Today is the day to finish packing, doing laundry, getting my equipment together, sorting out my appointments for the last time, and getting my kids ready for a week without Mommy. My mom is also going with me, so she’s getting her stuff together, too. When I’m not at the expo, I’m lucky enough to have my family living nearby, so that I can visit with them.

I will be periodically updating this blog with different snippets of the Expo, as well as some funny stuff that my family says.

The overall plan is for me and Mike (The Guru from to hook up with the Nerd Junkies ( during the show, to bring you the most information that we can. I’ll be covering both the XBox and EA media events, as well as getting together with and 2K Games, and attending an afterparty put on by Bethesda.

Follow me on Twitter (@myssiing), as well as the Computer Guru Radio Show (@azcomputerguru) and the Nerd Junkies (@nerd_junkies) to stay completely up to date, as well as check in periodically on this blog and the Guru Show webpage.

If you’re attending, feel free to shout at me on Twitter, and maybe we can meet face to face!

Tomorrow, I’ll be driving the long stretch from Southeastern Arizona to Los Angeles. If anything interesting happens, you’ll see it on Twitter.

Happy E3! ^.^

~Cheers! ~

❤ Myssiing

E3 Pre Party!



Hey guys! E3 is coming up, so I’ve linked a Computer Guru Radio Show podcast HERE featuring the Nerd Junkies, who we’ll be seeing at E3. Here’s my itinerary:

Mon – Xbox Media Event

Tue – 2K Games (Civilization: Beyond Earth, Evolve, Borderlands: The Pre Sequel) and Bethesda After Party

Wed – (World of Warships) and Running with Scissors (informal)


So, if you have any questions for these guys, or otherwise would like to get some answers to things, lemme know, and I’ll try to hunt them out for you. Stay tuned for more E3 coverage, and check out the Computer Guru Radio Show for LOADS of constantly updated info! ^.^ Cheers!

Black Gold – Two universes in one game

You know what impressed me most at Snail Games’ booth at E3?  It wasn’t the fact that they had one of the best pieces of swag I got (which, by the way, is totally going on my wall):


It wasn’t even the awesome, “Can you Wushu?” martial arts faceoff competition onstage.  And not even the politeness and friendliness of the Snail staff was at the top of my list (though it’s a close second).

What really impressed me was this game – Black Gold Online.

I’m a fan of steampunk.  I’m also a fan of fantasy.  It’s very rare that I find a game that actually does one or the other very well.  I’ve never found a game that blended the two together so seamlessly.  This game does it.

In BGO, you choose either the steampunk side or the fantasy side.  Both are fighting over a newly discovered resource they’ve labeled “Black Gold”, though it’s not oil (if that’s what you were thinking).  It’s found in the mountains that separate the two different communities. One side uses it naturally, the other to power their mechs.  As you can see, opposition from the start.

What really pulled me into this game, though, is the fact that you really have to be skilled.  In extremely popular MMORPGs that gain millions of players but shall not be named (WoW, that was kind of a long sentence…), as you level up and go out with your cronies and collect gear, it really doesn’t matter how much you know your character.  You press buttons, and you win.  (Seriously, I went back to “The Game” awhile ago after an extremely long break, had no clue how to play anymore, and still ended up not dying and getting geared.)


In BGO, line of sight is everything.  Not only do you choose which skill you want to use, you have to know the skill in order to aim it properly.  There’s also dodging built into the game when you double click your direction.  You can roll forward, jump back, or jump to the sides.  You get a certain amount of energy to do this (which does quickly refill), but it makes PvP that much more intense.  Learning where someone might go, and aiming in that direction anticipating that movement requires real skill.

You also have to know your character.  You will build personal combos based on an in-depth character tree.  Two characters of the same type will play completely differently dependent on which skills were chosen.

There’s also two types of fighting.  On the ground hand to hand, and via a vehicle.  For the steampunks, there’s a mech you fight in.  For the nature lovers, a giant beast.  These vehicles give you a different set of skills to work with, and you can jump on and off of them during battle to switch it up.

Besides the more in-depth mechanics, the game is also beautiful.  Water graphics are really well done, and each side’s environment is skillfully crafted.  On the fantasy end, the land is lush and vibrant, filled with life.  The steampunk side is dirty and gritty, the land beaten down.  Both are great depictions of both worlds, and as you progress through the game, they’ll blend together more where the intense fighting is near the central mountains.

I’m really excited to play this game in closed beta soon, where I’ll be able to play for more than 20 minutes like I did at E3.  If all goes well, this could be my new “Game that shall not be named”.

BONUS – I received some closed beta keys from the guys at Snail.  I’m figuring out a way to disperse a couple of them through a contest of some sort.  If you have a good idea for one, post them in the comments below, and maybe that’s what I’ll do to send them out!

Back in the heat of it all

Interior Monologue:

Well, I’ve finally arrived back home in Arizona.  It’s over 100 and dry outside.  Inside, I sit here typing away as my son plays Minecraft in the living room and my daughter argues her case of why they should be playing Terraria instead.

The rush and craziness of E3 is behind me, but I still have a few loose ends to tie up.  There are still emails to write to new contacts, articles to write on what I saw at E3, and games to play.

Still, I can’t help but feel like I’d be better off moving somewhere like LA, where I might be able to actually get into the inner workings of the industry itself, and set off a firestorm of creativity and awesomeness.  I drove past a few buildings while I was there, including Nexon, Square Enix, and Riot.  As I looked out my car’s window, I just took it all in.  How awesome it would be to be back where I grew up, working at a job I love, in a place where you can find it all.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep plucking away at my freelancing stories, building up my portfolio in the hopes of something greater in the future.



I got a hold of some of Snail Games’ keys to access Black Gold, and I’m thinking of holding a contest to give them away.

Also, I’m starting up an article on this game called Skara that I found at E3.  It looked pretty interesting, but it’s still in Alpha and looking for people to help support it through Kickstarter.  I’ll be linking up the article when it’s done.


Thanks!  ^.^


Well, it’s all over… until next year

E3 2013 has come to an end.  Thank God, because my feet are killing me.  It was, however, an experience to remember.  The basics were outlined here in my newest article:

Here’s what I demo’d personally, and what I thought of them.

Castlevania: LoS2 – After waiting for an hour, I played about 7-10 minutes of this game before resetting the demo and leaving the booth.  Nothing new to see here, but I’m sure it’ll be successful after sucking off the teat of the Castlevania name.

Bandfuse – Sweet experience. Awesome in-game tutorials and personalization.  Would definitely buy.

Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff – If you’re a P&F fan, and if you’re not you should be, this is definitely a cool game.  It’s CGI, but they still made it look like the 2D cartoon.  It actually feels as if you’re playing the cartoon itself.  And, you can switch from P&F to Perry, which is ultracool.  Just a basic platformer, but it’s available for a bunch of different consoles.  Another one I would buy.

Zumba – Created after the dance fitness craze, this game was definitely cool to try.  I would hesitate in actual purchase, though, based on the fact that every game I get that’s “dance” or “fitness” gets played for about a week before gathering dust.  It was a pretty neat game, though, with actual instructors and scenes from across the world to guide you in the ways of Zumba.

Dragon’s Prophet – Free to play game from Sony Online Entertainment.  Cross Skyrim, World of Warcraft, and Pokemon, and you get this game.  It was really pretty, graphically, and played very nicely.  If this game were to cost you money, I would hesitate in saying to actually buy it, since there’s so many fantasy MMOs on the market.  But, since it’s free to play, I would definitely check into it if you’re into collecting things, and dragons… specifically collecting dragons.

Black Gold – Now this is a game that kind of came from left field for me.  It’s by Snail Games, the makers of Age of Wushu.  It’s a cross fantasy/steampunk game, where the two factions are fighting over “Black Gold”, a newly discovered resource.  The steampunk side is gritty and dark, while the fantasy side is bright and natural.  The two seem to blend really well, which surprised me.  With this game, also, you really need to have skill.  If you have skill, you can take down someone 10 levels ahead of you, even if they’re “stronger”.  The combat is highly based on line of sight, active dodging, and knowing your character.  Definitely a game to watch for.  (Also, I have some closed beta codes I’m going to be giving away soon, as well as two premium item cards for Age of Wushu.  I’ll keep you posted.)

Ensemble – Browser based MMO.  Their booth was better than the game.  They had all sorts of issues with responsiveness, which can be attributed to the demos that they had set up, but does not bode well for the game.  The graphics were very cartoony, and while this generally doesn’t bother me too much, they weren’t very well done.  It wouldn’t be so bad if the game were fun, but it seemed like a chore to even play.

And then of course there were all the trailers.  Oh my God, the trailers.  Blasting out the theme songs from every which direction.  It was so loud at times that you couldn’t even think.  Here’s a couple I was most impressed by, though:

Battlefield 4 – I have, admittedly, never played any Battlefield game.  However, I would like to follow that up with OH MY GOD I HAVE TO PLAY THIS.  This was by FAR the most impressive trailer of the bunch for me.  And I’m not typically into these types of pvp/fps games.  But it just looked like you were controlling a live action movie.  Even the intricate sounds of footsteps and a breeze passing by a window are thrown in there.  LOVE IT.

Titanfall – Again, not a game I would normally play.  But, I really like the concept of being able to be on your own, wall jumping with a jetpack on, and trying to be stealthy, OR bashing your way through control points in a giant mech.  Very versatile, pretty seamless gameplay, from what I saw, and it looks phenomenal.

Spark – I know a lot of people are comparing this to Little Big Planet, but I really liked the concept of this game, and I can’t wait to try out more.

Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare – Just for the lulz.

Need for Speed: Rivals – This looked really cool to me, especially with the additional support from someone on a tablet in a helicopter.  Really cool.

There were so many more games I wanted to try out, but I’m not standing in a line for two hours to play ten minutes of a game.  Especially when I had people to go meet with at certain times.  But, hopefully I’ll get to play some of them in the future, when I’m not surrounded by thousands of other hopeful players.

If you’d like to check out some pictures of the event, head over to my Facebook page. 🙂

Wargaming 15th Anniversary E3 2013 Party

Wargaming 15th Anniversary E3 2013 Party

This photo was taken last night at the Wargaming party, which was awesome. Take a look at what I had to say about it here.

It’s the last day of E3, so I have to get ready for that. More coming up!

End of Day One – Article

I finished up my article on the XBox Media Event.

Here’s my personal opinion on the matter.

I love it.  All of it.  However, I don’t love having to pay 500 bucks for the XBox One, and I don’t love how “essential” Smartglass seems to be, and having to pay for that as well.

I was impressed with pretty much everything, actually.  I wasn’t let down by anything I saw (including the exclusion of Call of Duty).  I was, however, a little disappointed in what I didn’t hear.  No mention of privacy concerns.  This is a biggie in my book, and they didn’t even address it.  I’m sure they’re going to be hit with the question enough, as they already have been, but not even trying to smooth over the frustration of their customers seems somewhat off-putting.  But, that’s just me.

I also had the pleasure of going to the EA event, which I would like to have written about, but my camera died, and internet was crap, so I really didn’t get to take many notes. :/ However, I think overall EA did a better presentation, and had more fun with it.  They had celebrities, awesome lighting, good jokes, and just seemed to be enjoying themselves a little more.  Not like the mostly completely professional XBox presentation.

Day one is over, and E3 officially begins tomorrow.  With very little to actually be disappointed by, this is turning out to be a blast.  I can’t wait for tomorrow.


(Check out the link to my article to see a video of the MGS:V intro if you missed it, as well as highlight photographs from the event.)

Small Break, … Kinda

I’ll be taking a short break from blogging, as I prepare for E3.  I will probably still throw up a couple of rants, cool pics, etc that don’t fall into “newsworthy” criteria, but I’ll be posting most of my material on ( so you can catch stuff on there.

Alternatively, you can find me on Twitter or Facebook, with links on the right of this page.  That’s where I’ll be posting most of the info I come across, so be sure to check in!

I’d like to thank everyone for their support.  See y’all during E3!

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