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Trying out the Nyko Playpad

So, I checked out the Nyko Playpad that I received at E3 this year, and wrote up a review for AZ Computer Guru. I liked it alright, but I really don’t see the purpose of using it. It’s much easier to just use the touchscreen controls. So, click the link, and check out the review. ^.^




LOTS of changes, lately. Here’s why.

Ok, so I know I’ve been REALLY lax on the writing.

Here’s the scoop:

I’ve been busy lately, so I haven’t been able to write as much, let alone actually play any real video games.

On the flip side of that, I now have a new position the Computer Guru Radio Show ( So, I have a new platform with which to speak about video games. Yay!

Anyway, I wrote this opinion piece today on WHY I like radio so much. So, please, read it and distribute it to your friends. It’ll help out a lot. And, if you get the chance, peruse the site and check us out on Saturdays at 11am (PST). You can listen live through the Guru Show site, so you don’t have to be local to listen.

I’m also attending E3 again this year! Yay! More on that later.

Thanks so much, everyone! I totally appreciate the support.

An MMO based on Virtual Currency?

I am not a techno-phobe.  I’m probably closer to the polar opposite, seeing as how I love technology and all it can do for us.  However, I’m still shaky on the vision that is “Virtual Currency”.  And, with the issues we’ve been seeing recently (see Bitcoin bankruptcies), I’m not sure we’re ready for something like that.  Mostly because it’s not really grounded in any real value.  There’s nothing to back it up.  It’s only worth what somebody will pay for said currency, and even then it’s solely based upon an idea that there’s value.  

So, when I saw this link this morning ( and read it, I wasn’t actually all that thrilled.  I want to like this game.  I want to like the fact that anyone can sign on and hunt for money.  Could you imagine doing that in real life?  Walking around and going through garbage, digging holes, and looking under stones for a buck or a quarter?  That would be insanely awesome if that’s all you had to do.

The concept sounds so simple, and I think that’s what bugs me the most.  It’s too easy for anyone to “hunt” this virtual currency.  If it were truly that easy to make money, everyone would be doing it.  If everyone is rich, is there really value in anything?

And it’s still not backed up by anything tangible.  What if there’s a massive blackout on the servers, and everyone’s currency is reset?  Congratulations, everyone is broke now.

Maybe I’m just not grasping the concept correctly.  I want to try this out before I come to a complete decision on whether it’s a bad idea or not, but just the description of the game leaves me uneasy.  How do you keep track of virtual currencies over different markets and denominations of value, especially when there’s no actual asset related to it?  And, if everyone is just going out and hunting for money, is it really a good game to put out there for the masses?  Is it really even a game at all, or just a virtual representation of manual mining of bits?  

I think there are a lot of factors to be considered before this hits the mainstream.  What do you think?  Am I off the mark on this, or do you agree that we should be cautious?

My new love of rogue platformers is showing…

These three rogue platforming games stood out in 2013.  I’m hoping that there are a lot more games like these in the near future.

GTA Online and Terraria 1.2

Both games have dropped their expansions on the same day.  Awesome, right?

I admit, I have NOT gotten a copy of GTA V yet, so I haven’t played, nor will I play GTA Online in the near future.  But, if I were able to somehow manage getting a copy, I would be all over it.  (I’m a GTA fan).  Unfortunately, writing doesn’t exactly pay the bills atm, and neither does gaming, so I’ll have to wait for awhile.

Terraria, on the other hand, I’ve had for awhile.  I already liked it, and now with the new patch, it’s ri-freakin-diculous.  I started it up last night after the update dropped, and boy is it beautiful.  The graphics are great, the new items are sweet (ropes to climb up in the caverns?  YUS PLZ.), and lots more mobs to stomp.

Which is your choice for the day?  GTA or Terraria?

Video Game survey and possible project

So, I’ve been thinking of doing a project for some time now, and I’m trying to get a read on interest in involvement with said project.  It has to do with Gender Bias and Discrimination, and although it focuses mostly on women becoming more prevalent in the video gaming industry, I’m not looking for just females or just males.  I’d like everybody to take part in it.

So, if you could take, share, RT, tumble, or whatever THIS survey: then that would be really helpful and appreciated.

Additionally, if anyone would be interested in getting together or getting involved for said project, feel free to contact me.  Thanks a whole bunch, guys!




Review of the Bloody MultiCore G7 Mouse

I just posted up my review for A4Tech’s Bloody MultiCore G7 mouse on Examiner, which you can take a look at in the link.

What I like about this mouse the most is its size, really.  I generally don’t use gaming mice, because they’re so big and bulky.  With their multitudes of buttons, the size just becomes too much for my hand.  My husband uses them, and they’re fine for him, but for me they’re just detrimental.

Not only is this mouse lightweight and ergonomic, it has a vast array of options to choose from in its software.  I played around with them a bit, but some of it was pretty technical.  Since I’m not a HUGE FPS player (I did test it on FPS games, and it works very well, but those types of games just aren’t my cup of tea) I didn’t delve into the logistics of recoil supression too thoroughly, but I can see a lot of it being great for those who do a lot of that type of gaming.

Anyway, check it out! 

And, again, if you have any suggestions on reviews or topics you’d like me to address, feel free to comment or contact me.  I’d be happy to discuss anything gaming related.  Thanks!

Steam Sale Starts today!

We’ve all been waiting for this: great deals on great games.


Now through July 22, go to Steam to pick up crazy deals during their Summer Sale!!!

End of Day One – Article

I finished up my article on the XBox Media Event.

Here’s my personal opinion on the matter.

I love it.  All of it.  However, I don’t love having to pay 500 bucks for the XBox One, and I don’t love how “essential” Smartglass seems to be, and having to pay for that as well.

I was impressed with pretty much everything, actually.  I wasn’t let down by anything I saw (including the exclusion of Call of Duty).  I was, however, a little disappointed in what I didn’t hear.  No mention of privacy concerns.  This is a biggie in my book, and they didn’t even address it.  I’m sure they’re going to be hit with the question enough, as they already have been, but not even trying to smooth over the frustration of their customers seems somewhat off-putting.  But, that’s just me.

I also had the pleasure of going to the EA event, which I would like to have written about, but my camera died, and internet was crap, so I really didn’t get to take many notes. :/ However, I think overall EA did a better presentation, and had more fun with it.  They had celebrities, awesome lighting, good jokes, and just seemed to be enjoying themselves a little more.  Not like the mostly completely professional XBox presentation.

Day one is over, and E3 officially begins tomorrow.  With very little to actually be disappointed by, this is turning out to be a blast.  I can’t wait for tomorrow.


(Check out the link to my article to see a video of the MGS:V intro if you missed it, as well as highlight photographs from the event.)

Gaming Marathon for Charity this weekend

If you’re feeling reasonably giving this weekend, check out For Cairne Sake.  They are livestreaming a gaming marathon this weekend (right now until June 10), and all proceeds will go to Child’s Play (


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