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Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers

Well, Steve Balmer has said goodbye to Microsoft. So, what will that mean for the PC company, as well as the XBox?

He’s had his ups and downs with MS, but it just won’t be the same without this guy.


Something to entertain you for a minute or two…

Ok, so I’ve been playing a lot of different games recently, and doing a lot of work, so I haven’t posted much lately.

But, here’s a video I found today on Kotaku ( that I found really interesting.

There aren’t enough versions of “Just Dance” to ever get me to move the way these guys do. Take a look, and enjoy the start of the weekend!

P.S. – Got any games you want me to review? Comment below, because I’m definitely in the mood for requests. Thanks!

Candy Crush The Movie

Oh… my… God. I SO WISH this were real.

Youtuber Nigahiga once again nails it with this “trailer” for Candy Crush The Movie.

I know it’s fake, and I know it’s satire, but c’mon. Who wouldn’t want to see this? I think we’ve all been sucked in at one time or another by a casual game, and this pretty much sums up the whole experience.

Link’s Shadow

As a super fan of all things Zelda universe, I just had to share this.

It’s not SUPERB, but it’s still AWESOME. Check it out!

Marvel Heroes: The Raft

So, this is my play through the tutorial of Marvel Heroes, playing the Scarlet Witch. It’s pretty cool, and it’s free-to-play.

If you’d like to check it out, go here:

The Zelda Rap

You know, with E3 2013 coming up in about a week, we’re seeing all kinds of teaser trailers for new games to be shown at the expo. And, a lot of them are really impressive.

They aren’t, however, the best teaser for a game. THIS is by far the BEST trailer for a game EVER MADE.


I know it’s old. I know you’ve probably seen it on Youtube if you didn’t see it on your TV in the 80s.  But, it’s worth it, if only for the nostalgia.

I present to you, The Zelda Rap.

League of Draven: Twist of Draven Cinematic

OK, so before you go watching this video, MAKE SURE you’ve seen the ORIGINAL LoL Cinematic ( first.

This is a parody, using the League of Draven.

Kind of funny. Just thought I’d share. ^.^


The Great Talon Push

Just thought I’d share a little something from my stream tonight.

We would have won with all that back door mumbo jumbo I went through, but we were all just tired of the game (it ran 1hr9min). And, we lost. lol FED VAYNE FTL.

Video Games: The Movie

I’ve recently run across this project ( that highlights the video game industry as a whole, and counters the negativity and backlash that video games get in the main stream media.

Check it out, and maybe donate to its cause.

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